Our Services

Helping animals to reduce pain, increase flexibility, and bring their fun back!

Whether its just an assessment, or a full treatment plan you are looking for, we can work together to ensure your pets get the right treatment & attention.

To really help us to understand the needs of your animals, an initial phone consultation will take place. When in this consultation, please ensure you provide us with any key details you know, including medical history, current treatment, and worries. From here, we will explain the next stages and schedule a physical examination.


Initial & Full Assessments

In these assessments, we will take a review of the animals full medical history and current movement, helping us to create a baseline report. We then compare future sessions against this, to ensure progress is being made. Once completed, this assessment allows us to tailor make a treatment plan. Appropriate therapy and exercises are included, based on the goals & discussions had in the initial assessment.


Progress Assessment

Basic assessment made regularly on the animals movement to allow the treatment plan to be adapted or progressed. This is when progress is reviewed, and future plans adjusted and discussed.


  • Massages

    Massages help to reduce pain, increase circulation & lymphatic drainage and also increase muscle flexibility. A staple part of your pets treatment plan.

  • Stretching & Passive Range of Motion

    Stretching & PROM are great for reducing muscle tension and increase the range of motion at the specified joint.

  • Custom Exercise Plans

    Exercise plans are a key part of your pets health. Our custom exercise plans will help to increase the animals strength and overall fitness.

  • Thermotherapy & Cryotherapy

    These specialist therapies overlap greatly, with both working brilliantly for reducing your pets pain. Thermotherapy is also a prime method of treatment for increasing tissue flexibility, whilst Cryotherapy is used for the reduction of inflammation.

  • PEMFT (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy)

    This specialist therapy has many levels of treatment, and is used for healing bones, pain reduction, increasing blood flow, and also decreasing blood flow.

  • Laser

    Laser therapy is a key treatment to reducing pain, triggering points within muscles to relax them, and also increase or maintain joint health.

  • TENS

    TENS is a primary method of reducing pain that your pet is suffering, and is a key method of treatment used in the industry.

  • NMES

    NMES is a recovery & preventative treatment, which is ideal for building and maintaining muscle.

What is the process for getting my pet treatment?

With our simple 3 stage process, your pet will very quickly be on the road to recovery!

Step 01

Register Your Interest

After filling in our contact form, we will get in touch and book in your initial phone consultation
Step 02

Phone Consultation

In the phone consultation, we will discuss your pets medical history, and concerns you have for their health. From here, compile an initial plan with you, and ensure a vet consent form is generated if needed. From this, we will then book in your animals physical examination
Step 03

Full Assessment & Examination

We will then attend your pets place of residence, where we will carry out a full physical examination. After this, we will create your pets custom treatment plan, and then get to work straight away, providing treatment on the very first visit!